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Diesel Chip Info

What you need to know before purchasing a Diesel Performance Chip 

  • Different Types of Chips
  • Tunit V-CR5 v Advantage 2
  • After Sales Support
  • 45 Day Money Back Guarantee

Different Types of Chips:
There are a number of different types of chips on the market, and many wild claims of up to 50% increase in performance, and up to 25% improvement in fuel economy.  The reality is these claims are unfounded, however chipping a diesel is certainly worthwhile if the correct chip is used and programmed correctly.

Resistor Style:
This is older technology, purely injecting more fuel into the engine, which can cause overheating & possible engine damage.  Most of these by-pass the vehicles computer system.

Pulse Technology:
This technology by-passes the vehicless computer system, and is wired into each injector, such that more fuel is injected into the engine.

Smart Technology:
The Tunit chip is smart technology, with a fast 32 bit microprocessor.  It operates in a piggy back style, behind the vehicles ECU, working within the built in parameters & maintaining all the manufacturers safeguards.

Chipping a diesel is an excellent way of improving its performance especially in low down torque & improving its fuel economy, BUT it's imperative to choose a reputable brand who supports their product & technology that only operates in a piggy back fashion (ie operates behind the ECU)

Tunit V-CR5 v Advantage 2:


Tunit V-CR & V-VP
The model we have been selling for over 9 years is the Tunit V-CR5/V-VP, this is a compact unit measuring 75*85*22mm.

  • 3 Year Product Warranty
  • 1 Year Engine & Driveline Warranty for vehicles under 5 years old
  • 3 Year Free Retunes*

Tunit Advantage 2
Tunit have recently introduced a new model called the Advantage 2.  This new model is an addition to the range, and is slightly larger measuring 85*80*28mm.  It has been tried and tested in the UK/Europe before it was launched in Australia.

  • 5 Year Product Warranty
  • 2 Year Engine & Driveline Warranty for vehicles under 5 years old
  • Lifetime Free Retunes*

Both Tunit Diesel Performance Chips are now fitted with a faster/smarter microprocessor called the “Redboard”.  It has been designed to handle the latest advances in modern day diesels which are getting more technical & more likely to throw engine lights/error codes than ever before.

Both models work in the same way and in the majority of cases are Plug & Play installation (Common Rail Engines).  Direct Injection engines have to be wired in which takes approximately 1 hour.

Thinking Ahead:

Are you likely to change your vehicle in the foreseeable future?  For the small additional cost we recommend choosing the latest model.

Tunit For Life:

Buying a Tunit Performance Chip is a long term investment, you are buying a "Tunit For Life", provided you continue to own a diesel vehicle of course.  In most cases your V-CR Tunit, whether it is a V-CR5 or Advantage 2, can be reprogrammed to suit your next diesel vehicle.  All common rail Tunits, with the exception of 2007 on Toyota Hilux/Prado, are interchangeable with an internal software retune which we provide free of charge for the life of you owning the chip, provided you bought the unit from us, or one of our authorised installers.  Most of our competitors charge around $170 for a retune, if in fact their chip can be retuned, & they have the ability to do the job.

The only cost you might incur is a new harness.  For all the vehicles sold in Australia there are 6 different harnesses: Bosch 1 & 2, Denso 1, 2 & 7 & Siemens 2.  If for example you have a Toyota 79 Series 4.5L V8 & you purchase a 200 Series 4.5L V8, then your existing harness will suit your new vehicle.  If you have a Mitsubishi Triton and Purchase a Toyota 200 Series Landcruiser 4.5L V8, then you will need a new harness to suit.  To save you money we usually have in stock a number of good quality used harnesses, which enables us to offer part exchange at a very resonable cost.

After Sales Support:
We take great pride in our after sales service.  Whether you simply have a question, require technical support or would like to place an order we welcome your call.  These times apply to each state across Australia. 

45 Day Money Back Guarantee:
To give you peace of mine when buying a Tunit from us we offer a 45 day money back guarantee.

The Tunit must be returned complete with wiring harness at your expense in an "as new" unmarked condition.  The unit will be checked out to ensure it is in good working order prior to the refund being issued.  The refund will be for the original purchase price less any installation cost, delivery and payment processing fees. 


Please do not hesitate to give us a call on 1800 239 336 if you have any questions or require further information.