4x4 Exhaust Info

4x4 Exhaust Info

What is the difference between Redback Extreme Duty and other makes?
Basically, Extreme Duty as the name suggests is a tough & resilient design with a number of unique features & benefits that include

  • 4 Bolt, Interconnecting Flanges (most use 2 bolt butt flanges)
  • Heavy Duty around pipe hanger brackets (most just weld a rod to the pipe)
  • Choice of with Catalytic Converter or Without Cat
  • Choice of Large muffler, Resonator or Straight Pipe (easy swap over if you change your mind)
  • Bosses for both 02 sensor & EGT probe
  • Coated with premium heat proof paint
  • 3-year manufacturers warranty which we exclusively increase to 5 years Australia Wide.
  • All boxed to protect your system during transit.

We would be happy to run through the benefits and design of each system with you. Please call us on 1800 239 336.

Can I get my system installed?
We are happy to offer both Supply Only or Supply & Fit subject to us having an authorised installer close to you. We have 70+ authorised installers in QLD, NSW, ACT, VIC, SA, NT & WA.


Can I fit the system myself?
We are happy to supply you direct if you want to fit yourself. Our kits include the gaskets, bolts you will need. Most turbo back systems are not hard to fit, however, systems with extractors can be harder to fit. Depending on your location we may have an authorised installer who can do the job for you. Please call or email us to see if we have an installer in your area.

Will the system be loud?
Most 4x4’ers want their vehicles to be quiet.  Our Extreme Duty systems offer you three options when it comes to note, a large oval muffler, a 5" round resonator, & straight out pipes. The large oval muffler variants will comply with current legislation in all Australian states. Please do not hesitate to call to discuss these options. 1800 239 336.

To what extent will I save fuel?

A free flowing exhaust system will assist your engine to perform better. This, in turn, should ensure it uses fuel more efficiently. This is very much dependant on your driving style & the conditions at the time.

The vast majority of the systems we offer will give you increased power & torque. However not all makes & models respond the same.  We will only tell you if there is a gain if there is one to be had.


Does Size Matter?
Yes, size does matter, but bigger is not always best. Beware some manufacturers use odd sized pipework. Redback manufacturer 4x4 exhaust systems only in 3” (75mm).

Our research shows that is no gain to be had in using any other sizes. The other benefit of using standard industry sizes (2.5” & 3”) is that all genuine exhaust shops in Australia carry these sizes in stock. If you should damage your pipework or require a replacement part you should not experience a problem wherever you are. Exhaust shops do not carry non-standard sizes like 2 3/4", as it’s simply not available except for special bulk orders. 

Where is Redback Exhaust Systems Manufactured?
Redback's Extreme Duty 4x4 Exhaust Systems are designed & manufactured in Australia, in their state of the art factory in Epping, Victoria.  

Are Redback Exhausts Mandrel Bent?
Yes, they feature mandrel bent pipework, which provides the best performance available.  Exhaust pipes can be bent using two different techniques - mandrel and press bending.  Press bending machines are commonly found in exhaust workshops, while mandrel bending machines are much rarer due to their cost, & are usually owned by volume exhaust manufacturers like Redback.  

Press bends are made with tooling that remains external to the tube, causing a reduction of approx 8% in the diameter of the tube as it is bent.  

Mandrel benders use a mandrel that is of similar diameter to the inner diameter of the tube.  The mandrel is pulled through the tube as it is bent, forcing the tube to keep very nearly the same inner diameter as a straight piece of the same tube.

What if my vehicle is not listed?
Although we cover the majority of popular 4x4’s we do not have bolt on products for all 4x4’s. If your vehicle is not listed we are pleased to offer you a custom made system – please contact your nearest A1 store or email us with your requirements.